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Reversing or preventing hair loss is a goal that many people have. There are many factors that you should know and consider. You need to think about things like whether or not you drink too much alcohol, smoke too much or use the wrong products in your hair. You need to take the right supplements and vitamins to keep your body healthy, and to maintain proper nutrition levels. This article was written to lead you in the right direction toward proper supplements, foods, and also the things to avoid to get healthy hair.

For starters, some food is actually unhealthy and the same food may be bad for your hair too. If you have a lot of dietary products full of carbs and fat, you should avoid these because they are unhealthy. In the same way, the same foods are bad for your hair for the following reasons. It is possible to contribute to hair loss buy enough food full of carbohydrates. This will not only raise your blood sugar levels, but foods like rice and pasta can cause your hair loss to accelerate.

Anything that is made from whole grain is good for you. You should stay away from processed white flour products that can have a lot of carbs. This would include deep-fried foods, fast food, and the usual junk food that you find in stores. Taking supplements is not only practical in avoiding hair loss but it also saves a lot of my time while being occupied with work as an ultrasound tech.

To help promote good health and also your hair, drinking green tea is very beneficial. You can drink several cups of green tea per day, or if you prefer you can take a capsule or tablet containing this very healthy food. Green tea is a natural DHT blocker, which makes it effective for stopping hair loss. If you didn’t know, DHT is a chemical that causes hair loss in people, specifically those with a hereditary condition.

You should also know that green tea has many antioxidants making it healthy to drink anyways. It can promote weight loss, and also protect many organs of your body from certain diseases. Are you caffeine sensitive? If so, you can drink decaffeinated green tea or take the supplement in pill form.

Many people will take herbs that have medicinal properties in regard to hair loss, similar to what vitamin and mineral supplements are supposed to do. Chinese medicine is a great resource for finding out what herbs will actually help in this area. There are two in particular. Called Angelica or Dong Quai, this herb is unique. Hair loss is caused by DHT, a hormone that is blocked by this herb.

If you are suffering from hair loss, or perhaps you have gray hair, you might want to take the other herb called Fo-Ti. An herb more familiar to Westerners is Saw Palmetto. This particular herb Saw Palmetto is used to prevent prostate problems in men and also prevent hair loss by blocking DHT. Using organic means is not only healthy for my scalp but I can also preserve my med tech salary from acquiring costly hair loss solutions.

Anyone that has hair loss should be able to utilize the dietary recommendations in this article. The best diet and supplements for you will depend on your needs and what you may be lacking in. There are potential side effects from taking too many vitamins and minerals, so be careful with what you take. You should always avoid huge doses of any essential nutrient. This can only cause problems, and will probably not make your hair grow any faster than it is right now.

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